Families and bon vivants will find everything their heart desires in Riehen. For instance, children will love the adventurous climbing tours at the roped climbing garden in Wettsteinanlage Park as well as the sculptures in Lange Erlen Park, while bon vivants can unwind over a cosy picnic with views over Basel from a secluded spot under the trees on the Hackberg at the edge of Wenkenpark.


Wettsteinanlage Playground

The playground of Wettsteinanlage Park is located at the heart of town and near the train station: a magnet for families.
Wettsteinanlage, 4125 Riehen

Bettingertäli Playground

The secluded playground is considered an insider’s tip and makes for a great destination after a family walk along Wenkenmattweg.
Wenkenmattweg, 4125 Riehen

Lange Erlen Playground

Climbing sculptures, slide tubes and water – this playground takes play to a whole new level and also includes features for children in wheelchairs.
Erlenparkweg, 4058 Basel

Hackberg Wenken Playground

It is not only the swings made of truck tires that make this playground a hit, but also its views over the city of Basel.
Bettingerstrasse 121, 4125 Riehen
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