Facts and Figures

Facts and Figures


Riehen is home to approximately 21,000 people and covers an area of around 11 square kilometres.


Riehen lies on the border to Germany between the centres of Basel, Lörrach and Weil am Rhein (the latter two in Germany). The town is considered to be part of the agglomeration of the city of Basel. The highest point is 486 metres above sea level (Britzigerberg) and the lowest point 254 metres above sea level (Rheingrund).


The autonomous municipality of Riehen belongs to the Canton of Basel City and has a resident and municipal council.


Riehen is well connected to public transport and offers frequent bus, tram and rail links in all directions.

Tri-border Area

Switzerland, Germany and France: Riehen lies at the heart of the tri-border area between Basel, Lörrach, Weil am Rhein, Mulhouse and St. Louis. Riehen's immediate neighborhood to the German and French border makes the town a melting pot of regional and international culture. No wonder Riehen cultivates a variety of cross-border contacts, especially when it comes to the world of art and culture.  For instance, the museum pass grands acccess to almost all museums of the tri-border area. Furthermore, the «24 Stops» art trail connects the Fondation Beyeler in Riehen with the Vitra Design Museum in Weil am Rhein, Germany and is lined with sculptural works by the German artist Tobias Rehberger. 

Gemeindeverwaltung Riehen
Wettsteinstrasse 1, 4125 Riehen
T: +41 61 646 81 11


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