Riehen - Village and Park

The starting point is the Bettingerstrasse bus and tram stop. The tranquillity of the Wettsteinanlage Park is a pleasant contrast to the main road. The Wettstein buildings and St. Martin village church are a popular subject of photographs and paintings.
The ambience livens up again at the village playground with play and climbing facilities and an adjacent garden restaurant. After the station underpass, the route follows the Im-menbächli to the entrance of the Mohrhaldenanlage, a former graveyard. Once you have crossed the park, you continue along Chrischonaweg to the highest point of the tour, offer-ing great views over the rooftops of the town centre. Go past the Riehen health centre and the gardens of the deaconess house and continue through the music school's wrought iron gate to reach the beautifully maintained Sarasinpark. The trail leads along the Lindenallee to the Fondation Beyeler. Continue along the museum building and you will immediately reach the outskirts of Riehen's agricultural landscape. The views into the distance and the quiet countryside make it easy to forget how close the town centre is.
Alongside an old irrigation ditch, the path leads back to the centre with the old fortified church and other landmark buildings. The tour ends opposite the Wettstein buildings, which house the toy museum as well as the village and viticulture museum.

Starting point: Tram 6, Bettingerstrasse, end: Tram 6, Riehen Dorf I

Length: approx. 2.8 km, duration: approx. 40 minutes I Places: Wettsteinanlage, Mohrhaldenanlage, Sarasinpark, Fondation Beyeler, St. Martin village church, Meierhof, Museum Kultur & Spiel Riehen, Wettstein buildings.

Bettingerstrasse 1, 4125 Riehen
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Gemeindeverwaltung Riehen
Wettsteinstrasse 1, 4125 Riehen
T: +41 61 646 81 11


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