Leisure and Nature

Riehen is a natural wonder.

Riehen‘s imposing historical park is a must see. This is a place where families take their children to play, people seeking peace and quiet love to relax, outdoor enthusiasts enjoy the fresh air. This a place where you can find inspiration and enjoy the unique landscape architecture.

The Landschaftspark Wiese, the Basel agglomeration‘s largest recreational area, also offers all the leisure activities you could ever wish for. And a visit to one of the close by farms promises a very special experience!

Award-winning wine is produced on the southeast slope of Tüllinger Hill and at the foot of the Schlipf you will find Riehen’s newest attraction, the natural swimming pool, which opened in 2014 and was designed by top architects Herzog & de Meuron.

Awaken your spirits. Riehen awaits.


Swimming in Riehen

Riehen schlägt hohe Wellen.

Weilstrasse 69, 4125 Riehen; Tel. +41 (0)61 646 81 18 



Get moving in Riehen..

Riehen is made for hiking and walking! Riehen is located in the lower Wiesental between Basel and the German border, set in an idyllic landscape. Numerous hiking trails invite you to explore both the local area and beyond.

Jogging and Biking

Riehen will get you moving.

Riehen likes to show its sporty side. Whether running, walking, biking or inline-skating... there’s no limit to your urge to get moving, even beyond borders. A number of activities are also available via practical apps from Outdooractive!


Riehen has the most beautiful scenery.

Wenkenpark, Sarasinpark, Wettsteinanlage or Berower Park at the Fondation Beyeler - all treasures that are almost impossible to find anywhere else today in such density and splendour.

 The unique historical parks are not only very popular with tourists but also used extensively by the local population.

Markets - Festivals - Conferences

Riehen’s in discussion.

Riehen‘s general village fairs are held throughout the year, enticing visitors with local and regional products. Moreover, a number of attractive themed markets are held in the Toy Museum and on the village square.

Wines and Vineyards

Riehen has good juice.
Until now the municipality of Riehen operated a  
municipally-owned vineyard at Schlipf. In the future, it will no longer be managed by a municipal vineyard master but by an external undertaking.
Winemaker Thomas Jost took over the winegrowing activity in 2014. Together with Hans-Peter Ziereisen he founded the
Weingut Jost & Ziereisen   . Jost is a passionate supporter of the great Burgundy wines from red Pinot Noir and white Chardonnay grapes.

Come visit Riehen - there's a lot to discover!

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