Foto: Christoph Junck

Foto: Christoph Junck

Various running tracks


Along the meadow up to the Rhine and back at the eastward hills – training track for the half marathon.

Riehen Intervall 13.4km

Challinging cross-country track to Chrischona You really need to be very fit to tackle this short but difficult track, because the flat parts are a rarity! But when the track actually is flat, you can really appreciate the scenic beauty. Whether it’s the view over the Maienbühl and Tüllinger hill to the Vosges or, in the case of Chrischona, the view towards the Swiss plateau and (with a bit of luck) into the Alps – or, at the very end, the view over Bettingen towards the Rhine plain: a diverse range of scenery compensates for the tricky ascents and the training effect remains guaranteed!

Mohrhalde - Au - Hörnli - Bettingen

St. Chrischona - Tierpark Lange Erlen - Riehen

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