Guided tours à la carte

Riehen takes you.

Are you interested in Riehen‘s history, the refined life in the Basel estates or the fate of refugees in the Second World War? Or would you like to explore our beautiful by bike? We can fulfil your every wish! The tours are available in German.

Discover some exciting hidden delights. Riehen awaits you.

Informations and applications for guides à la carte (Flyer): 
Infothek Riehen, Baselstrasse 43, 4125 Riehen Tel. +41 61 641 40 70

Führungen im Naturbad

Lassen Sie sich die hervorragende Architektur von Herzog & de Meuron und die ökologische Funktionsweise des preisgekrönten Riehener Naturbads direkt vor Ort erklären. Die maximal einstündige Führung lässt Sie hinter die Kulissen des Bades blicken, das zwar aussieht wie ein „normales" Gewässer, in dessen Hintergrund aber modernste Technik für eine gleichbleibend hohe Wasserqualität sorgt...


Führungen im Spielzeug-, Dorf- und Rebbaumuseum

Es werden regelmässige Führungen zu den Sonderausstellungen angeboten. Führungen zum Rebbaumuseum, zur Dorfheschichte und zur Sammlung auf Anfrage.

Riehen... dynamic

An exciting journey of discovery on two wheels: cyclists have the privilege of being able to enjoy almost all interesting places in and around Riehen from the comfort of their saddle.

Informations and applications for guides à la carte (Flyer): Infothek Riehen, Baselstrasse 43, 4125 Riehen Tel. +41 61 641 40 70

Riehen... steeped in tradition

Historic village tour marking 1000 years of Riehen - from the Middle Ages to the 21st century.
An expert guide will lead you on a journey throughout Riehen‘s history, from the Church castle to the modern residential municipality.

Riehen... transnational

Tour along the country’s borders.From landmarks, refugees and smugglers: we remember old and new neighbours, smugglers routes and the dramatic time of the Second World War.

Riehen... feudal

Estates – the refined life of wealthy Basel families: this tour offers you a look behind the courtyard walls of selected estates and their eventful history. We also offer special tours in Sarasinpark and the Glögglihof.

Riehen... naturally

Do you want to know what amphibians or other creatures do in our waters all day? Or what our forest rangers actually get up to in the forest? You can find out this and much more on a number of themed tours.

Riehen... contemporary

The tour offers an insight into interesting developments in Riehen’s contemporary architecture and also leads to buildings by internationally renowned architects such as Herzog & de Meuron and Renzo Piano.

Flyer for guide of architecture

Riehen... ecclesiastic

With its 1,000 year-old foundation walls, the village church is very much worth a visit. Other highlights include the St. Franziskuskirche and the Kornfeldkirche, both important examples of modern church architecture. Furthermore, we will also visit the Chrischonakirche in Bettingen.

About your visit in Riehen, we will be pleased!

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